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Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone (HKIFTZ, formerly known as Haikou Bonded Zone) is Hainan's only comprehensive bonded zone and one of the two special customs supervision areas. Thanks to its highest degree of economic openness and largest build-up of foreign businesses within Hainan, the Zone acts as a premier component for Hainan Free Trade Port.


Located in the Laocheng Economic Development Area, the HKIFTZ lies west to Haikou City. Highly convenient and readily accessible via a complete network of modern (ocean, land, and air) transport systems, the Zone provides an ideal location for an international business hub. Adjacent to Macun Port(national first-tier port), HKIFTZ is 30km from Xiuying Port; 5km from the Haikou Expressway; and, less than 15km from the three high speed rail stations within its reach. Covering 1.93km², the HKIFTZ is well equipped with the “five infrastructure connections” (roads, water and sewer, electricity, communications, and gas) andone entire level ground ready for starting construction.Furthermore, the planning and building of a 5G “Smart Zone” is under way.


Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone aims to build Five Centers with global influence and competitiveness, to wit: a processing and manufacturing center, a R&D and design center, a logistics distribution center, an inspection and maintenance center, and asales&service center. Utilizing the resources from both domestic and international markets, the Zone will vigorously develop industries in fields such as processing, manufacturing, logistics, cross-border e-commerce, parallel vehicles import, modern finance, international artworks exhibition and auction, R&D and design, testing and maintenance.


Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone enjoys a series of preferential Policies:

(1)In accordance with their types of trade, goods shall enjoy policies such as being bonded, tax exemption, and tax refunds;

(2) Preferential policies on selective tariffs (tariffs on goods to be sold to the domestic market could be chosen from either a components/raw materials tariff or a final product tariff) and the promotion of international trade can be adopted in the Zone.

(3) The various industrial policies issued byHainan Province and Haikou Citycan be implemented in the Zone.

(4) Based on associated outcomes (such as revenue, taxation, and employment) which it will generate, the “one company, one policy” system can be employed.

(5)Within the Zone, we have favorable policies to encourage industries such as finance and leasing, cold chain logistics for imported wine, cross-border e-commerce and the diamond trade.

(6) Enterprises in the HKIFTZ can enjoy the benefits of ordinary taxpayer VAT qualification; works of art may be carried into the zone by ‘tourists’, and taken out with ‘credit guarantees’ in bonded status. Imported goods can enter the Zone first and then receive testing, exit the Zone upon sampling.The integration of online and offline cross-border e-commerce, combined with the newly approved TSR 20 Futures Designated Delivery Warehouse, further showcase the innovation and vitality of the Zone.

The investment attraction area of the HKIFTZ includes:

(1) Low Carbon Manufacturing

Brand name international goods; high-tech and high-value added products; production line and accessories; other types of low carbon manufacturing that comply with Hainan's industrial development.

(2) R&D and Design, Testing and Maintenance

Biotechnology related medicine and medical equipment;testing and global maintenance; third-party inspection and testing organization.

(3) International Commodity Warehousing and Logistics

Bulk commodities, display and transactions, futures delivery, entrepot trade, cold chain logistics and other services.

(4) Cross Border E-Commerce

Withe the approval of Haikou Cross Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone focusing on B2B2C and B2C, promoting international trade.

(5)Parallel Vehicles Import

Pilot policy for parallel vehicles import including vehicles storage, display and transaction.

(6) International Artworks Exhibition and Auction

Storage, display, auction, and trade for international artworks.(no tariff within the Zone)

(7)Financial Leasing and Outsourcing Services

Financial leasing for importing large equipment including aircraft, ships and maritime engineering facilities; International service outsourcing on softwareand culturally creative products.

Address: No.69, Nanyihuan Rd, Laocheng Economic Development Zone; Hainan, PRC

Phone: +86(898)6720-4908, +86(898)6720-4907

Fax: +86(898)6720-4908

Website: http://ftz.haikou.gov.cn

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No.69, Nanyihuan Rd, Laocheng Economic Development Zone; Hainan, PRC

Investment Ambassador

Li Tairan

Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone