Hainan's Official Portal for Global Investors

Why Hainan FTP

Before 2025

· Initiate Independent Customs Operations throughout Hainan Island

· Full Implementation of Zero-Tariffs

-Import Duties
-Import VAT
-Consumption Tax

By 2025

Free and Convenient Trade & Investment

By 2035

· New Height of China's Opening-up to the World

· Free and Convenient Flow of Trade, Investment, Cross-Border Capital,People and Transportation

· Secureand Orderly Data Transfers

By 2035

A High-level Free Trade Port with Strong GlobalInfluence in All Respects

  • Trade

  • Investment

  • Capital

  • People

  • Transportation

  • Data

  • Relax Offshore Duty-Free Shopping Policy

    · Quota raised to RMB100,000 per person/per year

    · Expand Categories of Duty-Free Goods

  • Reduce Restrictions on Cross-Border Trade in Service

    · Release the Negative List for Cross-Border Trade in Service

    · Grant National Treatment to Overseas Service Providers

  • Most-Simplified-Approval Investment Management System

    · Special List to Relax Market Access

    · Negative List for Foreign Investment

  • More Convenient Visa-Free Entry

    · Foreigner's Self-Declaration

    · 15-day Visa-Free Stay Policy to Foreign Tourist Groups Traveling by Cruise Ships

  • Shipping Policy

    · Establish the International Ship Registration Center and Yangpu-Port-of-China as a Port of Registry

    · Remove the Limitation on Foreign Shareholding Proportion for Ship Registration Body

    · Domestic Ships Registered at Yangpu-Port-of-China and Engaged in International Shipping are Entitled to Export Tax Rebate

  • More Convenient Visa-Free Entry

    · Expand the Arrangement for the Fifth and Seventh Freedom Rights of Air

    · Support Airline Companies with Hainan as Their Core Base to Expand International Flight Routes

    · Allow Both Inbound and Outbound Flights to Refuel With Bonded Aviation Oil Traveling by Cruise Ships

  • Facilitate Cross-Border Data Transfers

    Launch Pilot Projects on Security Management of Cross-Border Data Transfers

  • Hold National-Level Expos

    Imported Products are Entitled to Tax Exemption Policy

  • Low Tax Rates

    · Enterprises in the Encouraged Industries are Entitled to a Reduced Corporate Income Tax Rate of 15%

    · Enterprises in Tourism, Modern Service and High-tech Industries Enjoy Tax Exemption for Income from Newly Increased Overseas Direct Investment Before Year 2025

    · Capital Expenditures are Allowed to be Fully Deducted from the Taxable Income or Depreciated and Amortized at an Accelerated Speed

    · Highly-Demanded Talents Enjoy an Personal Income Tax of 15%

  • Be Fully Authorized By Law

    · Accelerate the Formulation of the Hainan FTP Law

    · Policies and Measures Adjustment will be Authorized by NPC and its Standing Committee or the State Council