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Hainan Ecological Software Park


Hainan Ecological Software Park is located in Yingbin Peninsula on the west of Haikou, with Meilun River flows by. It is the main base of Hainan's Internet information industry, and has been identified as a national science and technology business incubator, and a national new industrialization industry demonstration base. As of December 2019, there were 4,833 companies in the Park.

The park has very complete supporting facilities. ISchool Weicheng Future School is Hainan's first basic education reform and innovation experimental school. The 7 * 24-hour international bilingual kindergarten has advanced equipment and ample outdoor activity space. Wanda Studios and RT-Mart have entered the park. There are more than ten shuttle buses to and from the park and downtown Haikou every day.


Many preferential policies has been given to the software park by Hainan Provincial Government, including the establishment of Hainan Free Trade Port Blockchain Pilot Zone, the establishment of Hainan Digital Economy Industry Investment Fund, and the provision of financial services to small, medium and micro enterprises in the supply chain.


At present, Hainan Ecological Software Park is dominated by a new generation of information technology industry, especially blockchain, focusing on the creation of the Hainan Free Trade Port Blockchain Pilot Zone, and developing industries such as digital cultural innovation, digital finance and digital health. At the same time, the park is committed to building a 100 billion-level industrial cluster. As of now,a number of ten-billion-level industrial projects such as Tencent Ecological Village, Baidu Ecological Village, and China Game Digital Port have successively settled.


The software park's investment promotion focus includes mobile Internet, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, information security, online games, e-sports, medical and health big data, financial technology, and so on.


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