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Hainan's Sanya plans to boost industrial modernization in 2023


After successfully overcoming a three-year pandemic due to the recent easing of anti-COVID restrictions, the Sanya administration, despite the difficult situation in the world, plans to maintain stable growth in the agricultural sector, continue to support the sustainable development of modern industry and significantly strengthen the service sector, the paper noted. According to observers, the city has "started a new stage in the race" - another stage in the city's development that will continue for many years to come.

The newspaper recalls that in April 2022 President Xi Jinping visited Hainan, and noted the need to turn the province into a "free trade port with Chinese characteristics of global importance" in the foreseeable future. During his inspection, he primarily visited scientific laboratories, research institutes and the duty-free trade sector in Sanya, because local selective breeding, deep-sea and commercial projects of international significance play a strategically important role in China's food and energy security, acting as an important stimulus for the development of domestic consumption in the PRC.

Integration of the Greater Sanya

According to Chinese economists, last year, despite the spread of COVID-19, there was an increase in the integration of the Greater Sanya, a rapidly developing economic zone encompassing the city itself and adjacent urbanized settlements as well as the counties. In this part of the island, the potential for traditional beach tourism is successfully complemented by the sparsely populated areas to the north, which are covered by dense tropical forests and have excellent ecology. In addition, the successful development of infrastructure makes transport and logistics projects more profitable.


In addition, over the past year, the city of Sanya has taken a number of measures to improve the business atmosphere. In 2023, the city is expected to attract even more foreign investors interested in strategically important innovative projects. They are closely connected with the city's central business district, where a new regional financial cluster is being formed. The city will periodically host major cultural, humanitarian and entertainment events of national and international format due to the optimization of epidemic control measures.

Sanya is one of the key centers of Hainan's economic development, with the service sector providing a large part of its income. The island's administration plans to turn the city into a leading financial and economic center with an advanced infrastructure that will house the headquarters of major Chinese and foreign companies. This large city, also known worldwide as a first-class resort, is transforming year after year, attracting the attention of more and more investors.