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Hainan International Cold Chain Logistics Center Project

1. Positioning and Functions

(1) Positioning:

Taking advantage of the special policies, geographic location and comprehensive transportation system of the free trade port, with Haikou Meilan Airport, Sanya Phoenix Airport, Yangpu Port and Macun Port as the links, build an international cold chain logistics center serving the two major markets of China and Southeast Asia, with the feature to import high added value products of food, agricultural and sideline products, marine products, and pharmaceuticals.

(2) Functions:

★Relying on the Hainan Free Trade Port policy, making full use of the processing, shipping, aviation, tax and other preferential policies, create a characteristic international cold chain logistics system.

★Relying on the special policy advantages of the free trade port, gather international food circulation resources and promote the formation of industrial chain clusters.

★Constructing cold chain food trade center, cold chain big data center, cold chain food exhibition center, cold chain food logistics distribution center, cold chain food processing center, international shipping cold chain logistics center, international aviation cold chain logistics centers, etc.;

2. Planning Site Selection and Land Use Scale

The construction sites are in Haikou, Chengmai and Yangpu. According to current plan, Haikou Airport Economic Zone is to have an area of approximately 3.65 square kilometers for logistics and warehousing industry. Yangpu Development Zone is to have a port logistics area of approximately 15.5 square kilometers. In addition, Chengmai Jinma Modern Logistics Center is to cover approximately 16 square kilometers.

3. Investment scale and construction period

A single project uses about 0.067 square kilometer of land, with an investment of about 500 million RMB. It will be divided into the three phases of start-up period (2020), construction period (2021-2022) and operation period (2023-2030).

4. Goals and Targeted Investors

By 2025, introducing 5-10 cold chain logistics companies, agricultural product and food processing companies into Hainan for project investment and construction, and promote the formation of a high-value-added food, agricultural and sideline products, marine products distribution trade and processing center. By 2030, the Hainan Free Trade Port policy will be fully implemented, and flight and shipping routes will reach most cities in the world. Introduce 15-20 well-known cold chain logistics companies, agricultural product and food processing companies, and establish a cold chain logistics system serving China and covering the world.

The main targeted investors are whose taking cold chain logistics services as the core, promote the gathering of cold chain commodity trade and equipment manufacturing industry.

5. Analysis of Strengths

(1) Preferential Policies

Hainan will become the largest and most open free trade port of the world, and the only free trade port of mainland China. It will play the role of the gateway for global commodities entering China.

★Zero tariff. According to the "Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port", "one negative and three positive lists" will be established. The negative list is a zero-tariff negative list for managing the import of self-operated equipment by enterprises, and all goods outside the negative list are tax-free. A positive list is for imported ships and aircraft for commercial use in transportation and tourism, and yachts. A positive list is for all imported raw materials and auxiliary materials consumed in production and processing activities (or in service trade) for production use or in the "two-heads-out" mode. A positive list is for imported goods consumed by residents on the island. All goods in the three positive lists are tax-free. After a special customs supervision zone is constructed for closed operation, goods that are not in the tax list for imported goods and allowed to be imported into the Hainan Free Trade Port will be exempted from import taxes.

★Low tax rate. For encouraged industrial enterprises registered in Hainan Free Trade Port and substantively operating, corporate income tax is levied at a reduced rate of 15%. For high-level talents and talents in short supply who work in Hainan Free Trade Port, the part of their actual personal income tax  exceeding 15% will be exempted.

★The goods produced by enterprises in the encouraged industries that contain no imported materials or contain imported materials with added value of more than 30% (included) processed in the Hainan Free Trade Port enter the mainland are exempted from import tariff when enter the mainland, and value-added tax and consumption tax are not exempted.

(2) Unique Geographical Advantage

Hainan is the southernmost part of China, located in the center of East Asia and Southeast Asia and the junction between China and Southeast Asia. It is also close to the main international shipping channel. It is an important strategic fulcrum of the "One Belt, One Road". A sea, land and air three-dimensional transportation cold chain logistics system can be built to offer services within several hours to the two major markets of China and Southeast Asia.

(3) Application Environment Advantages

Cold chain industry highly matches Hainan industrial development orientation. Hainan has obvious advantages in the fruit and vegetable planting and processing industry and is one of the main exporting provinces in winter. It also has huge growth potential in developing marine economy. The export amounts of tilapia and other marine products are in the top rank in China. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the 12 main industries in Hainan. The above industries all have a very high degree of integration with cold chain logistics.

6. Project Planning and Supporting Facilities

(1) Haikou Cold Chain Food Processing and Trade Center

It is planned to introduce domestic and foreign well-known aviation cold chain logistics enterprises into the Airport Economic Zone of Haikou Jiangdong New Area, accelerate the gathering of aviation cold chain logistics enterprises in the Airport Economic Zone, and form a cold chain food processing and trade center. Introduce 2-3 Well-known food processing companies and cold chain logistics companies. As shown in Figure 1, according to the current plan, the planned urban construction area of Haikou Airport Economic Zone is 1.51 square kilometers and the total construction area is 11.113 square kilometers.Among the construction area, the commercial and leisure construction area is 4.867 square kilometers, logistics storage industry construction area is 3.653 square kilometers, and other construction area is 2.593 square kilometers. Surrounding construction and urban supporting facilities: Jiangdong New Area has excellent transportation conditions, with major infrastructure such as Haikou Meilan International Airport, High-speed Rail Meilan Airport Station and Haiwen expressway.

Figure 1  The detailed control plan of Haikou Airport Economic Zone

(2) Chengmai cold chain food logistics distribution center

The planned area of Chengmai Jinma Modern Logistics Center is 16 square kilometers. It is located in Dafeng Town, Chengmai County and adjacent to the national hubs - Macun Port, Shishiqi Port and Dongshui Port. It is one of the largest logistics parks in Hainan. It is planned to introduce 2-3 well-known domestic and foreign cold chain logistics leading enterprises, agricultural enterprises, and food companies to build cold storage of 200,000 to 300,000 cubic meters, and build the Jinma Modern Logistics Center into a cold chain food logistics distribution center. The Jinma Modern Logistics Center belongs to the Laocheng Economic Development Zone, 42 kilometers away from Haikou Meilan Airport and 20 kilometers away from Haikou city center. In terms of transportation, there are Hainan West Expressway, Haikou Expressway, High-speed Railway, Guangdong-Hainan Railway, etc.; In terms of health care, there are Hainan Yiling International Medical institute, Hainan Xikang Health Management Center and Hainan Yiren Hospital. In terms of education, there are Red Yellow Blue International Kindergarten, ischool International School, Beijing Foreign Language school, East China Normal University, etc.

Figure 2 The Control Plan of Jinma Modern Logistics Center

(3) Yangpu International Cold Chain Logistics Processing Center

Yangpu Development Zone is an important node in the plan of new national land-sea corridor and national logistics hub, and is the priority of Hainan Free Trade Port construction. It is planned to introduce 3-5 well-known domestic and foreign cold chain logistics companies, food and agricultural product processing companies. Each company is proposed to build a 300,000-500,000 cubic meter cold storage to meet cold chain commodity storage, transshipment, packaging and other logistics service demands. As shown in Figure 3, the layout of Yangpu Development Zone is "four areas and two corridors", which are port logistics area (15.5 square kilometers), petrochemical function area (49.2 square kilometers), high-end manufacturing industry area (24.4 square kilometers), the eastern living area (17.5 square kilometers) and two green protection corridors.

Figure 3 Layout of Yangpu Development Zone

Surrounding construction and urban facilities: in terms of roads, a advanced highway network has formed; in terms of high-speed rail, high-speed rail system covers the whole island. In terms of life, Yangpu is adjacent to the Danzhou Haihua Island.


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