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Processing and Manufacturing Projects with High Value-Added and High Tariff

1. Positioning

The project relies on the advantages of the Hainan Free Trade Port policy and the Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone policy to attracts companies to set up factories in the Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone, and utilizes Hainan Free Trade Port tariffs and encouraged industries preferential policies to develop processing and manufacturing business with high-value-added, high-tariff imported raw materials or products, in-demand and in line with the development of Hainan.

2.Project site selection and land use scale

Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone. For each project, the zone can provide 30 mu of industrial land or apply existing factory buildings for project construction.

3.Investment scale and construction period

The investment scale of the project is required to reach 100 million yuan, and the construction period is 12-16 months

4.Targeted Investors

New energy automobile manufacturing, yacht manufacturing, electrical machinery manufacturing, milk powder, health products, meat products, and other processing and manufacturing enterprises.

5.Analysis of Strength

(1) Preferential Policies 

As a special customs supervision area approved by the State Council, the Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone enjoys bonded, tax-exempt, and tax rebate policies according to different trade methods. Provincial and municipal related industrial development policies can be enjoyed in the zone. The zone implements the policy support of "one enterprise, one policy" for projects with a strong driving force, wide radiation coverage and large investment amount.

It has strong driving force and radiation Projects that are generous and large in investment will be supported by the policy of "one enterprise, one policy." The tax arrangement of “zero tariffs, low tax rates, and simplified taxation” of Hainan Free Trade Port will effectively reduce business operating costs and facilitate the recruitment of high-end talents. The most open policy will be implemented in the management of funds, personnel, and goods in and out.


(2) Unique Geographical Advantage 

Hainan Province is located in the center of East Asia and Southeast Asia. It is the junction between China and Southeast Asia. Hainan is also close to the main international shipping channel, Which is an essential strategic fulcrum of the “One Belt, One Road.” Hainan possessing a regional center position, coastal, border, island and other geographical advantages. It will become an important transportation hub between different regions and a vital opening door for China to the Pacific and Indian Ocean, providing excellent location support for the construction of a global consumer boutique exhibition center. Within 15 kilometers of the zone, there are 3 high-speed rail stations in Haikou, Laocheng, and Fushan. It is also close to the national first-class port (Macun Port), 30 kilometers away from Xiuying Port and 5 kilometers away from the island loop highway. The transportation is convenient in the sea, land and air. The location advantage of the zone is distinct, the roads, hydropower and other infrastructure in the zone are complete, and the five “put-throughs” and one “make-even” works have been realized.

6.Project planning and supporting facilities

(1) Industrial planning 

The project is in line with the industrial positioning of the Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone. Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone aims to build a processing and manufacturing center, R&D center, logistics distribution center, inspection and maintenance center, and sales service center with global influence and competitiveness. It utilizes both domestic and international markets and resources to vigorously develop bonded processing and manufacturing, bonded logistics, cross-border e-commerce, vehicle import, modern finance, R&D, inspection and maintenance and other industries. The zone support and encourage new technologies, new industries, new formats, new models.

(2) Land 

The zone can provide 30 mu of industrial land (circled part) or use existing factory buildings for project construction. The industrial land in the park has achieved the five infrastructure networks and one road.

Factory rental: around 20-30 yuan/㎡ (subject to actual data).


(3) Supporting facilities 

The international business center is constructed in the zone, which can provide office, conference, and financial services for enterprises. The zone also has a staff canteen and living supporting area, which can provide dormitories for employees of enterprises.

(4) Admission List 

Except for industries prohibited by the state, province, and city. The binding indicators are as follows:

★Investment intensity: modern logistics storage land ≥ 1 million yuan/mu, low carbon manufacturing industry ≥ 4 million yuan/mu, high-tech industry ≥ 3 million yuan/mu.

★Annual output value: modern logistics storage land ≥ 800,000 yuan/mu; low carbon manufacturing industry ≥ 6 million yuan/mu; high-tech industry ≥ 5 million yuan/mu.

★Annual tax contribution: modern logistics storage land ≥ 80,000 yuan/mu; low carbon manufacturing industry ≥ 150,000 yuan/mu; high tech industry ≥ 300,000 yuan/mu.


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