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Hainan to hold 2nd China Sports Expo on March 24-26


The 2nd China Sporting Goods and Equipment Import Expo (CSEIE) will be held in Haikou city (South Hainan province) March 24-26. It was reported by a local news service Hinews.

This year's exhibition with a total area of 37,000 square meters for participants will present high-quality imported sports equipment, services for sporting events, as well as products for domestic and international sports tourism. The exhibition will be held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center

The exhibition will be divided into four main zones: water sports, outdoor activities, air sports and sport cycling. The organizers also planned to place in the exhibition hall functional areas for fitness, sports services, interactive projects, as well as various events and business meetings.

The first such exhibition was held in Haikou in December 2021. The total area of the exposition then was 37,000 square meters. The pavilions presented a wide range of sports products and equipment, both foreign and joint Sino-foreign brands. Thanks to the policy of duty-free trade in Hainan, visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to buy the goods presented by the duty-free program in the exhibition complex.