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Hainan's administrative center published new guidelines for hiring valuable professionals

Haikou city authorities (the administrative center of Hainan province) published new recommendations on hiring highly qualified professionals. According to the document, the current stage of the plan is to raise the standards of attracting in-demand professionals.

It stresses the importance of effective recruitment for companies in strategic industries in the Hainan Free Trade Port. The recommendations also relate to training and mentoring employees in priority sectors. It is as much about advanced forms of industrial production as it is about modern services. The Haikou administration expresses a particular interest in hiring specialists for enterprises operating in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, as well as for the headquarters of large companies.


The document instructs relevant agencies to form an effective innovative mechanism for personnel recruitment. The recommendations list 35 governmental measures aimed at attracting qualified workers.


Creating favorable conditions for work and life of highly demanded professionals is among the key tasks. For those in this category, the Haikou government is said to be ready to solve housing issues, enroll children in educational institutions, and provide access to quality health care and medical insurance.


According to official statistics, the province attracted more than 208,000 highly skilled professionals from other parts of China and abroad since April 2018, when Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the creation of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Hainan authorities intend to actively promote the recruitment and training of skilled professionals in strategically important areas, including research and innovation, tourism, education, health care, culture, city government, management, international and youth projects, information technology, and modern agriculture.