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Wenchang International Aerospace City is located in Wenchang City, Hainan Province. It is China's first coastal launch base. The pioneer area includes the west area of ​​Bamen Bay and the space supercomputing industry area. Supporting facilities such as exhibition centers, talent apartments, industrial service centers, fitness centers will be gradually constructed and improved.


The development orientation of Aerospace City is to be a major scientific and technological innovation industrial base in the aerospace field, a strategic industrial base for technological innovation in aerospace, a demonstration industrial base for integration and innovation, an international cooperation industrial base for aerospace, and an aerospace supercomputing center. In the future, the city will focus on developing aerospace launching and supporting service industries, high-end aerospace product R&D and manufacturing industries, and keep advancing space big data development and application, rocket development, ground test equipment and final assembly testing, aerospace science and technology education, cultural tourism, aerospace international cooperation education and training, etc.


Enterprises entering the park will enjoy rich preferential policies covering from fiscal, capital, finance to land, public services, and institutional mechanisms. Hainan Province will arrange special construction funds of 500 million yuan each year for 5 consecutive years to support the development of the city.

At current stage, the city’s investment promotion includes satellite development, rocket development, space ground equipment development, space science and detection, satellite applications, electronic information, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, space international cooperation and exchange, space financial services, space training and education, aerospace innovation, and big data in aerospace.

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