Current Status  
As a backbone industry in Hainan, tourism is  
entering into a period of high-speed development.  
In 2019, total tourism revenue in Hainan reached  
105 billion yuan, up 11% YoY, and the value added of  
tourism industry increased by 10% YoY.  
83.14 million domestic and foreign tourists, up  
9% YoY.  
1.42 million inbound visitors, up 12% YoY.  
Unique tourism resources  
§ Duty free upon exit  
Hainan is the only tropical island province in  
China, with the largest marine area, abundant  
tourism resources, and high-quality typical  
tropical island scenery.  
Hainan is the only province that can enjoy duty-  
free shopping without going abroad, with the  
world's largest duty-free shop, and prices 15%-  
35% lower than that with duty added.  
Highest density of luxury hotels  
§ 59 countries visa-free policy  
Citizens from 59 countries can enter Hainan  
visa-free. There were more than 470,000 visa-  
free arrivals in 2019, up 33% YoY, bringing a  
large number of international visitors.  
Luxury resort hotels are densely located in  
Hainan, with 78 world famous hotel  
management groups and 94 international  
brand hotels.  
New Opportunities for FTP Investment  
Hainan will further open up and develop tourism, actively promoting new businesses and new hot  
spots, enhancing high-end tourism consumption, and upgrading the quality of the tourism industry.  
Shopping Tour  
Sports Tour  
Medical Tour  
Expand the opening up of medical area,  
following the policies in Boao Lecheng  
International Medical Tourism Advance Zone.  
Implement more convenient  
duty-free shopping policies.  
§ Promote the integration of tourism,  
sports and elderly care.  
Cruise Home Port  
5 Construction  
§ Combine cruise economy with  
sightseeing industry for mutual  
Culture Tour  
Yacht Tour  
Build a comprehensive service platform  
for yacht tour and raise supervision of  
yacht leasing.  
§ Develop emerging culture  
consumption, such as animation  
games and digital consumption.